LVN License Transfer to WI through Military

  1. I am currently a LVN who earned my license in CA. I was able to sit for the NCLEX-LVN exam due to my military experience as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy. I earned my license in 2007 and have been working as a LVN is San Diego for the past four years. I am currently enrolled in Indiana State Universities LVN to BSN program. I'm originally from Wisconsin, and just moved back to Madison a week ago. The Department of Licensing and Regulations in Wisconsin will not let me transfer my LVN license to a LPN license in WI because I did not attend an accredited LPN program. I've been working on my BSN for the past two semesters, and my program requires that I need to keep my LVN/LPN license current through the duration of the program. Now I'm facing being dropped from my BSN program because WI will not endorse my license here. I have come across posts on this site where other people have mentioned that they were able to transfer their LVN license, earned through military experience, to WI before. If anyone has any information about this, I would really appreciate it. I've called the WI Dept. or Licensing and Regulations at least a dozen times and never get to speak with a real person = ( Any advice of information would would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    How far are you into the program? Does Wisconsin recognize Excelsior College? If they do then maybe you can transfer your credits over there and finish up there. You can keep your CA LVN license and work on your ASN then BSN. It may be an option. Good Luck