LPN to RN Classes: My Experience

  1. I have read many different posts that were sort of confusing like you have to be an LPN for so many years before doing the LPN to RN thing, or what classes you need and what not. I am in this process right now, & would like to share my experience.

    First off, I live in NY.
    & I have been an LPN for a total of 2 months.

    I have applied to our local community college and have been accepted to THE COLLEGE only (so far.) Here, it is suggested that we complete any required pre-reqs to be transitioned into the ADN courses. They are, 1 college writing, 2 biology, 2 psych, & 1 pharm. Depending on your schedule, they can all be completed in one semester. Which for us, is Aug 24-Dec 18. Now, just because we are LPN's does not mean we are so-to-speak "grandfathered" in. Here, in NY we have the option of taking a "challenge" exam, which turns out to be the first year of nursing. 2 semesters, 2 exams, both $155 each, non-refundable, & can only be taken once. IF you do not choose to take the challenge exams, you will be treated as a freshman, & have to take the entrance exam as well as compete against other students for a spot in the nursing program. I chose to take the challenge exams. They are pretty basic, clinical style, handwashing, bed baths etc. The college bookstore also sells a study guide for these "challenge exams." I believe they run around $20. If you fail the challenge exam, you cannot take them again and MUST be treated as a freshman. If you pass them, you still need the pre-reqs done as stated above, and will be matriculated into the RN program on a space available basis. If you go full-time you'll finish in 2 semesters (1 yr), part-time (2 nights a week & every other weekend) you'll finish in 4 semesters (2 yrs). I did not take the challenge exams yet, but when I do ill update you all :wink2::typing
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  3. by   metfan
    My experience in NY going from LPN to RN is slightly different. I was an LPN for 2 weeks (I think) and started my pre-req's for the RN program. I had just passed my NCLEX. We have to take all the pre-req's like all the other RN student's: Eng101and 102, college math, electives, A and P 1 and 2, Microbiology, Gen psyche, lifespan. They have a point system for admittance. 4 points if you get an A in Micro, 3 if you get a B etc. Once you get admitted, you can test out of nursing 1 and 2. It does not cost anything. Once chance is all you get. I tested out of Nursing 1. It was not too hard but tricky. Lots of ethic questions and definitions. We got a study guide but I did not study for it much and I passed fairly easily. I did not even try to test out of Nursing 2. I was told it was all cardiac. ECG readings etc. I was also a little nervous if I had to jump in at Nursing 3. Jumping into Nursing 2 was a challenge for me. I am not sure if I adapt well. All the class already knew each other and I was the "odd man out" sort to speak. There were, I think, 4 other LPNS jumping in. First thing I did was sit with my teachers and ask questions like what was expected at clinicals, what careplans look like, where the mailboxes were. Basic stuff. I was not given any orientation into Nursing 2. It was stressful. The other students knew what the teachers expected and how they tested. Fortunately, the other students were great. I have a terrific friend who took Nursing 1. She was a great asset. On the plus side, I did great and even got a full scholarship for the last 2 semesters! I have been working as an LPN also and it has taken me 2 years so far. It will be 3 years since I started the RN program when I graduate in May 2010. Thats ok. I was in no rush. Metfan
  4. by   WIGGIES_future.rn
    I personally already love this thread!!!

    Being from long island and reading from your point of views is great.. If you both could do it over again would you go straight for your adn or would you still get your lpn license first? Thats pretty much the point I'm stuck at

    In total how long will it take you to become an rn?? I'm 23 and pretty much have my mind set on being an rn by 29 lol:chuckle soo what I do day by day is read post so that I can get an idea..

  5. by   metfan
    I often think about that question...would I do it again. I think it has worked out well for me. I did look into RN school before LPN. It just seemed overwheleming. LPN school was simpler. It was 10 months long and I got in immediately. So I was a working LPN after just under a year. Keep in mind I am a more "mature" lady at 42. I have a family and 2 kids. I have been working as an LPN making good money while taking one or two classes at a time to get my RN at my local community college. The experience I am getting as an LPN is also helpful especially because I am not a very outgoing or assertive person. I also excelled in clinicals and in the classroom so I got a full scholarship for my last two nursing classes which is saving me 4000.00 dollars. I also got accepted in the honors program and get to do work in the ICU. This still amazes me because I really struggled in clinicals in LPN school. I almost quit many times and actually had to see a doctor and therapist to work through my issues. However, if I was younger and without family, I probably would go straight for my RN. As an LPN in my area, I really only have the option of working in LTC. Which actually is ok...I like geriatrics. I graduated with my LPN in July 2007 and will get my RN (God willing) in May 2010. I had a few pre-req's done from 20 years ago. Not many, just my 2 englishes and electives. I had to take all A and P's, Microbiology, psyche,math etc. Keep in mind, I am only taking a few classes a semester. I also have not taken any summer classes. I feel like I am not in a rush, I am already working as a nurse. When I get my RN, it will be like icing on the cake for me. Colleen
  6. by   WIGGIES_future.rn
    colleen thanks soo much for the fast response!!:heartbeat

    i am 23 with no kids and i plan on goin full time including the summer how long do you think that is??

    and when your done do you have any idea what nursing school your gonna go to?? i bet with your grades alot of schools would be happy to have you!!

    i hope that i can be as successful as you.. pllz tell me your secret to good grades

  7. by   metfan
    Well...I am kind of on bedrest after a minor surgery so I have been on the computer alot. Nothing much else to do. That is why the quick responses. I am taking nursing classes at my local Community College. I only need to take nursing 3 and 4. I may go on to get my BS and maybe a masters eventually. Maybe online. I am in upstate NY so maybe New Paltz. I don't know. My secret to good grades...I am a nerd. I always have my nose in a book. When I am a passanger in a car, at my kids games etc. I don't know, sometimes it is not a good thing. I am obsessive. I would rather be a "B" student but enjoy my journey, make more friends, have more fun. This is probably why I ended up in therapy. I strive for perfection and, of course, no one is perfect. I am working on it. I also really try to learn things and not just memorize. I don't know if that makes sense. Let's see if I can think of an example. Like oxygen use. I don't want to just know that 2L is adminstered to COPD patients, I want to know why. It drives some of my friends nuts in my study group. You are so young...mostly enjoy the experience. Try not to take yourself too seriously. I do that and it stresses me out. Remeber good grades doesn't always convert into good nurses. Although my grades are good, I believe many of my classmates are much better nurses. I have a friend who has been an RN for 10 years. Doctors fight over her. She is excellent. She was a "C" student and had to take the NCLEX 3 times. Colleen
  8. by   WIGGIES_future.rn
    Wow that gives me hope she was a c student and now is such a good nurse!!!You seem like a great person most people strive for perfection but who ever gets there?? And I agree with you on wanting to know the real answer to somthing instead of just the definition that way you really understand it. I too would also like a bsn and then msn just because it opens soo many doors that having an adn may not..

    What was stressful for you though that made you seek therapy?? Was it way hard? How are your teachers?
  9. by   metfan
    I never answered your question about how long it would take you to get your RN. At my school, it would probably take 3 years. You can't even get in the program until you get enough points. You get points for each pre-req you do. Like an A in micro gets you 4 points. So, you would probably be doing pre-req's for 2 semesters. Then you could start nursing 1. You take NU 1,2,3 and 4 in 4 consecutive semesters. That is 2 years. My first experience with clinicals really freaked me out. I guess because I was/am shy and not very outgoing. I had been a dog groomer for 20 years and I guess I need to brush up on my "people" skills. I really felt like I had no clue what I was doing. I don't think my clinical instructors were the best but I don't want to blame them for my issues. My teachers always said I was doing fine. I just got really nervous especially having people watch me do skills. I wanted to be perfect. I shook alot. I would literally come home and curl up in the fetal position crying. I sought help from friends and professionals and I got through. Things happen for a reason and I actually think it helped me in the long run understanding when people/patients have anxiety. Thats why sometimes I think I would like to teach nursing. I understand what some students go through. I also realized I am stronger than I think. Even though I had to push to go to clinicals, I always went and never missed a day of school. Teachers can be hard on students. I have developed a much thicker skin. Not just with dealing with clinical teachers but also doctors at my job. Try not to take things personally. Again, I always did and it is stressful. Really .... really try to take time to have fun. Life is too short. I guess that is why RN school isn't as stressful for me. Like my therapist says.."What is the worse that can happen". Even if I don't get my RN (which I will) I will always have my LPN and that is fine. I have grown so much in the last 3 years. Colleen
  10. by   WIGGIES_future.rn
    Okay soo 2 years for pre reqs and then try to get into rn school?? Is that how it goes because I figured if I take classes during the summer it would be a little shorter. When you finish with school you will have an adn rigght? And then your going back for bsn or is that what your working towards now?? Just a tad confused not much lol

    Thanks for answering all my questions not many people do that. You would be a good teacher and wow what a change in career!!! CONGRATS TO YOU

    Its been a tough road but your family must be so proud of you.

    PS: I'm shy also and become anxious at times
  11. by   metfan
    Yes, I will graduate with my ADN. Keep in mind, this is just the experience in my school. It seems all nursing programs are very different. I live in a very small county. They do not offer many summer classes. Also, they only offer nursing 1 and 3 in the fall. Nursing 2 and 4 are offered in spring. My neighbors daughter goes to Nursing school on Long Island and was able to take lots of summer classes. We are very limited. Thanks for the compliments. I do ok. I may not have the best nurse around but I always try my best. Colleen