LPN-RN Transition Broward College 2013

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    Hello. Just curious if there's anyone who got accepted as well. I'm so excited but I have yet to meet anyone who is also in this program for this May.
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    I didddddddddd! congrats to you as well btw
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    can you let me know what was your GPA and what grades you had in the science classes. my GPA is 2.8 and I got in science 3B and 1C and I am not sure if that will be good enough or if i should retake some classes.
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    Cumulative GPA is 2.0 for me but my prereq GPA is a 3.4. Which class did you receive a "C" in?
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    I got a C in microbiology...
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    Quote from Becca1145
    I got a C in microbiology...
    To be honest, I don't know if you should retake it. I haven't taken micro yet but it's necessary for admissions next term and beyond.
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    Anyone have the book list for this term?
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    Site on facebook for LPN-RN students https://www.facebook.com/May2013BCLpn
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    Any LPN to RN students can look for "May 2013 Broward College LPN Trans. Students" Facebook page for information about Central Campus or to just network with fellow students.