Lamar State College LVN to RN

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    Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????

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    You must be a Texas resident for at least one year before applying. At least that's what was told to me. What they also told me is that clinicals are done locally in Texas, and you pay as you go.
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    Is this program accredited?
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    I am with Angelo State University Hospital Affiliate Program LVN to RN. Send me an email for more
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    I am also looking for someone who has done this program. It seems to be a little better than Excelisor, because of the way the clinicals are done. I got all the basic info. It sounds good.
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    its accrd. by TBON, N its not yet a yr old.. im planning to join in fall this yia. thou i want 2 gather more info bout if any one is 2. i just wanna make the rite choice since il b paying from my pocket, they dont offer fin. aid...
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    Quote from mlh0283
    Is this program accredited?
    yeah by TBON
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    according to info it is, I have talked to them several times. I am considering June. I don't kno any1 that's in it.
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    I'm with Anglo at this time its.a.good legit but u need to be a Texas resident to avail d program clinicals on site u need to.find ur own.proctor and preceptor a bsn is must contact me for.more details AManio
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    I am currently taking the program. The program is very fast paced. Each class is about 5 weeks long. You have several assignment's due each week. I was in the LVN-RN program in HCC and had to drop out for medical reasons. Then I decided to do this on-line program. I use to think that HCC was hard. Now compared to this program, HCC is a piece of cake. From my personal experience I would recommend you go to a local college, where you attend a class. If you do not have that option because of your circumstance then you can do this program. Be ready to study and work for many many hours. I am currently half way through the program
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