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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    Quote from austinnurse512
    I too failed RNSG 2535. I am taking it again and just started it today, but I also don't know what happens if you dont pass it the second time?????????
    That is a lot of money to be wasted along with your time if you don't have any other options. I too do not like how in the first few classes all of your tests, assignments, etc were all added up and averaged long as you made a passed!
    Now you have to average a 75 on the tests by themsleves, then they add the other classwork into your average after. I didnt get a 75 average on my tests.....I think I had a 73.5 average on my here I am taking it for the second time.
    They also used to just require that your final exam be proctored (pay $25 for someone to watch you through your webcam so you dont cheat), but now they are doing it to where all your tests are proctored....thats another 125 dollars on top of the tuition for the class.

    Tell me your views.

    Austin Nurse
    Proctored exams?? Really?? None of my exams were proctored!

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    Yeah....this is something new they started. Lamar State claims that the reason they "proctor" your exams now is so that you can immediately receive your grade upon completion of the exam when you press "submit"..........funny thing could see your grade immediately after when it wasn't proctored. Anyway.....only my finals for my classes used to be proctored, yet now no matter what class you are taking......all tests are proctored via webcam.

    I did have a question for anyone that has gone through the program....or failed one of the classes.
    Are the questions on the exams basically the same if you have to take the class over again....or are they all different questions?

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    I am also in the class rnsg 2514. I just finished doing my assignment # 1 they are thesame movies we had in rn1423. The class is okay with me so far. Tho the previous class prior to this was tough two classes at thesame time. rn 1423 rn 1260. Thnaks God for passing those two classes with flying colors. I can't ask for more. Good lucl to all who are in the rn 2514 which just started last Monday June 25.
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    Congrats for making this far. I am in thesame class with you rnsg 2514. Did u finished your first assignment re: movie to watch? nclex 1000 assignment due ju1. 1, I havent receive my stuff for registering in the nclex 1000 . Ill have it tomorrow via fex ex..which part of tx are you base. I am base here in Houston. Keep in touch my new found online classmate. Take care..arlel58
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    Hi lee 1984.
    I am in rnsg2514 which just started last monday jun 25, 2012. Are u taking this class too at tis time?
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    Hi TexasNurse 89. Sorry for the late response. Just been busy with gazellion of assignments and bulk of chapters I need to read. Yes there are two modules that has two subjects. first in pathophysiology n health assessment are in one module for 8 weeks and rn1423 and rn1260 in one module too for 5 weeks. the rest of the subjects are by itself. I hope I answered your querries. Take care. arlel58
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    I am in San Antonio and just applied as a transfer from escelsior, hows it going with Lamar?
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    Hello all. Chatted with Lamar State this AM. They tell me I am accepted to Sept bridge program. I said can't be so, I've never applied. They assure me I applied in October. Well I did send some records in October and updated some transcripts recently. I never did send my work history or two other pages of info. Really didn't want to go until January but I guess I better get my act together soon. Supposed to get my acceptance letter mid to late August. Guess I better start renting books tonight? They did accept my Pathophysiology class so that will lighten my load. Guess I'll try to find syllabus' online. If I can't find I'll be asking for help. I like start early when possible!
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    Received my acceptance letter today for Sept 17 start date!
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    Well mid august came early. Got my acceptance letter on Saturday when I got home from work. September 17 is start date. Hurry and apply today and you just may get accepted. Good luck to all...

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