Indiana State Lpn-Bsn Recognition

  1. recently i've decided to change my major back to nursing and take the lpn-bsn route. indiana state seems like a great program, but i'm a little bit leery of the fact that it isn't recognized in all 50 states. i spoke with an isu representative and she informed me that she doesn't think the program will ever be accepted in all states. what exactly does "recognizing" the program mean. if i take the nclex how will i not be considered an rn in another state? can someone please clear this up for me?
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  3. by   LadyinScrubs
    If you are considereing going back to school in your state, contact the board to see what universities are approved. Normally, once you obtain your license and work, it does not matter where you went to school. I am in ISU and in Calif--a very restrictive state. They recognize ISU because the university has linked its program with Calif State Univ Sanoma. It is through Sanoma State that the clinicals are offered and the online didactic program is through ISU. Now, what ISU does in other states, I can't say. However, the difference between ISU and other online nursing programs, is ISU has didactic and clinical classes at the same time--the only difference is the lecture is on line. Once I graduate and obtain my BSN in Calif, I should be able to work in other states. In Calif, some online colleges are not accepted in Calif even if you have your degree because they do not adhere to the Calif BON's requirement that the lecture & clinical be offered together in the same semester/quarter. Hope this helps.
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    thanks that helped a lot!