Indiana Dabney University

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    Indiana Dabney University is located in Hammond, IN and I would like to know if any one has graduated from this program? It seems like it is a legitimate program, although it costs about $30,000 and it is only takes about 15 months to complete. However, this school does not offer financial aid nor have I ever seen any students entering the building for classes at any time when classes are supposed to be conducted. Campus tours are not even offered.

    I want to make sure this program is for real, before I invest any money in it.

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    did you ever apply to the school, is so what did you think. i am considering attending the school when class starts in august. please let me know if i am making the right decision.
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    I am also thinking about attending this school and would like to know more information. I requested for someone to call me back. So any information would be greatly appreciated.

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