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Hello everyone, I live in new York and in a life not to long ago I was in the united states marine corps and served honorably with two tours in Iraq during operation Iraqi freedom 1, 2,and 3. Since then I decided that wasn't the... Read More

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    Have u tried relocating because i no where im from u can get a job in a nursing home making anywhere from 20-22 dollars an hour and im in charleston sc i always see postitions for LPNs

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    I live in Indianapolis. The focus here is for the hospitals to have their Magnet certification. With that, they require the nurses to be staffed with about 85% of the nurses having RN,BSN from a school with NLNAC or CCNE accreditation. DO NOT WASTE TIME SND MONEY GOING TO A SCHOOL WITHOUT THIS ACCREDITATION!! or your credits won't transfer to other schools and someone else applying for the job with this accreditation will get it over you. I recently went back to school after having my LPN for several years. Because I didn't go to a school with the right accreditation, I had to start over with people having no school or license at all. But if I don't get my RN, BSN then soon I won't have a job at all, even though I've been in nursing at my job for 16 years. Make wise choices now. It will pay off soon! Good luck to you!
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    Wow I feel like I wrote this. I was active duty Air Force. You would think with all these programs they have available for veterans it would have been easy to transition however if you are not in house or know someone its hard to get something but i'm hopeful i'm even fasting for a full time job. Don't give up i'm in NY too ....if you need to talk you can send me a pm...it always helps to have a battle buddy:-)

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