Holy Names University Fall 2012 LVN to BSN

  1. Hey all! I know of a few of us that are applying to Holy Names University in california for the LVN to BSN bridge program fall 2012 start. I know of one other thread here on allnurses for HNU, but wanted to post a more recent topic for those of us striving for one of the few spots available. My file will be complete as soon as I get my license and send it to my admissions rep....I hope this time around I will be able to save my seat for that fall start date! If I am called for an interview I will be sure to update everyone on how it goes, but as far as I know they ask questions like : Why HNU? why do you want to be a nurse? What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What qualities would make you a good nurse? And others along those lines. I am going to wish us all luck, and HOPE that we can get our feet into those doors!

    Oh yes and does anyone plan to attend an informational meeting? I am thinking of going to one, even though I have sat down with an admissions rep.
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  3. by   msoleimanieh

    I have applied for the Summer 2012 term and have been interviwed already. The questions are very generic just like you stated. Would you by any chance know or know of anyone who would know how long it takes them to get back to applicants regarding acceptance or denial? Do they call or send a letter?
  4. by   fxmama
    You know, I am not too sure, but a friend of mine heard back within 2 weeks of interview by a phone call. Since you have been interviewed, how long after you submitted all of your requirements until they called you in for an interview?Good luck to you!
  5. by   msoleimanieh
    Two weeks! Thats awesome! I called them and they said they still have interviews till March 29th and after they would get together and inform students...Its nerve racking waiting! It took about 3-4 weeks for them to call me in for an interview.

    Good luck to you as well! Hopefuly well both get in
  6. by   wose
    Have you guys heard back from Holy Names yet? I'm just curious to know.
  7. by   fxmama
    I'm still waiting....I am going to contact admissions to see when I can expect to hear something
  8. by   wose
    @fxmama - did you get to talk to them
  9. by   fxmama
    I sent N email....no word yet
  10. by   msoleimanieh
    I still havent heard from them either apparently they had interviews this week as well.
  11. by   msoleimanieh
    When you guys hear anything please let us know :-)
  12. by   fxmama
    Well I am fairly certain the interviews this week were for the summer semester.....I am sure we should be hearing something soon.....if not then we will hear from them when the deadline is up in June. Can you imagine having an interview now then having to wait 2 months or more to find out if you were accepted or not!? I would lose it! Haha
  13. by   msoleimanieh
    Haha yea that would suck but I gave in my application for the summer term and they had said interviews end the 29th but I called again and they said they had some rescheduled interviews this week as well and have reaccredidiation next week. Hopefully well hear in the next week or so. Did you apply for the summer term as well?
  14. by   leung89
    Hi all,

    HNU offers a LVN-BSN program? Can someone give me more information on it? Such as, do I need to get my RN first? What kind of prereqs do they look at? Also, can you share what GPA you got to apply for this program and their acceptance rate? Do I need to get my LVN at HNU (if they offer it, in order to be able to apply for the program) Thank you.

    I currently have a high 2. GPA and I know it is not competitive enough for any CSU's. I am thinking of going to Bay Area College of Nursing to get my LVN first. Afterwards, I would get my RN. but i recently found out that LVN-RN programs are mostly offered in community colleges and I would have to take the prerequisites such as Anat, bio, chem, and all the GE's in order to apply. Also, it is a lottery system and I would be competing with people who have done their prereq's for nursing, who does not have their LVN.

    My question is how the school (and HNU) feels about repeat classes. I've already have all the prereq's completed.
    After I get my LVN, should I just start fresh with my prereq's and retake all of them and strive for better grades?