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Hey all! I know of a few of us that are applying to Holy Names University in california for the LVN to BSN bridge program fall 2012 start. I know of one other thread here on allnurses for HNU, but wanted to post a more recent... Read More

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    I got in for summer 2012 APril 13

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    Interview this week! How exciting!
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    Does anyone know when they will let students know about the fall?
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    Did they tell you when they would let you know about mailing acceptance letters after your interview?
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    I had an interview 3 weeks ago, they said it would take 2-3 weeks to find out the results. I called them last tuesday 07/10/12 to follow up my status, they said i have been accepted to the program. Today, i received a confirmation email of my acceptance.
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    hats awesome congrats! Do you remember who you spoke to?
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    I am late in response, but was accepted for the fall 2012 semester. School starts in just a couple of weeks. How exciting and scary all at the same time!
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    Hi all!Has anyone applied to HNU LVN-BSN program for Spring 2013? I recently applied and the deadline was Nov. 2, 2012 and I followed up with them and they said all the nsg files are in the nsg office for review and that since there is such a large volume of applications the process is taking longer than expected. They will contact students either way when they determine if you will be selected for an interview. Does anyone know approx. how long it takes to get a call or email for an interview after submitting appl?
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    Did you guys have your pre-reqs done before applying? I am currently doing mine at JC but its taking forever. I am wondering if I should just do them at Holly Names... Thank you and good luck.
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    The program is built to incorporate all pre req's. if you transfer in they may not accept all of the units. There is a limit, and some classes don't qualify.

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