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Holy Names LVN-BSN 2013 Summer - page 3

Hello all :-) I had a few questions regarding HNUs LVN/BSN program in Oakland. I interviewed this last Wednesday for the summer semester. I know it'll take a few weeks to hear back, but I wanted to... Read More

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    Woo! Just got a phone call about acceptance. You guys will hear from Nancy soon! Good Luck
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    Congrats!!! That's so awesome!! You deserve it! I sure hope I hear something soon :-)
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    Looks like I'm on the wait list :-) Guess that's better than nothing!
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    Just got a call!!! I was accepted!! Woooohooo!!!!
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    Congratulations to all who got accepted!

    Its the month of June and I was just wondering if you guys have started class.
    I live in Chino hills, CA far south of Oakland (about 5-6hr drive) but am really interested in attending this school.
    I have an information session coming up on the 27th and cant wait to visit, meet with the staff, and just learn the culture of this school.

    I am willing to move up north for this opportunity and would love it if you guys can give me any advice,tips,pointers.
    I would greatly appreciate any information (from where to visit, stay, school,etc)

    Thank you and best of luck to you all who are currently attending!!!!!
    -Danny Ryu