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Hello all :-) I had a few questions regarding HNUs LVN/BSN program in Oakland. I interviewed this last Wednesday for the summer semester. I know it'll take a few weeks to hear back, but I wanted to... Read More

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    Hi all. I applied holy name too.. i have not heard anything from them yet.. not even interview schedule..
    Does anyone know what i should do?? I thought everyone have to go thru interview. Or is it only for selected candidate?
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    Hi Diana! I'm thinking the interview is mandatory for admissions. When I called this Friday, they said they're still reviewing applicants. So that's good news for you! You may still get called for an interview. I applied to spring and the deferred me to summer. They may do the same to you If you applied towards the deadline they may have already been flooded with applicants, then they'll just move ya to the next semester. Either way, congrats on applying! I hope you get an interview! Feel free to ask me any questions about the interview :-)
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    Hi All, Have any of you heard back from HNU since your interview?
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    Hi, have you heard back regarding the outcome of your interview?
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    No I haven't :-( Have you? They said it'd be the first week of April. And I interviewed in February! Ah!
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    No, I have not. I interviewed on the week of March 11th and was told I will know in about 2 weeks.
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    It's such a long wait! Everything I call they say one more week. It's nerve wracking! Hopefully we get admitted :-) Itd be nice to be classmates! I wonder what takes so long?
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    Do they take into account your overall prior Gpa, or just the coursework that's transferable?
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    I think GPA plays a part in it, but I'm not 100% sure :-( Sorry I can't give you a for sure answer on that! They just wanted my transcripts, didn't say if gpa was part of the selection process
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    The wait is driving me insane I'm going absolutely nuts!!!
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    Me too!!! Good to know I'm not the only one! How was your interview?? Mine seemed so basic, and my written statement was awful I'm sure. I didn't know what to write!! We should know by next week!!!
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    My interview was okay. Yes, I hope to know the status of my app by next week/1st week of April. Take care for now!
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    I left another message for the nursing department. They're probably so annoyed with me by now. I need to know because of work, I'd need to change my schedule. Anywho! I'll let you know what they say! Admissions never really gives me much of an answer, so I decided to go with calling the nursing department directly :-)