Has being a LPN first better prepare you for being a RN later? - page 2

Hello everyone, I just wanted to hear from those that did take this long route just as I anticipated doing and am happy you did because it paved the way for you become an RN later. I would suppose this route might have taught... Read More

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    Thanks everyone for responding. This is the route in which I have all so choosen to take, and upon completion I too think I will be appreciative of my decision.

    Sometimes in life when you desire something you just have to take the steps neccessary to get you there. Rather it be long or short, hard or easy, we have to start somewhere.

    We're all on the same journey, just reaching our destination at different times!

    Best wishes and thanks to all!

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    I feel the LPN to RN path is a great way to advance yourself as a well prepared nurse. I have been an LPN for ten years and learned a tremendous amount of clinical skill in addition to Med/Surg theory and that knowledge base carried over into my studies on the ASN track. I graduated in May and am due to sit for NCLEX and have already secured a position at a local hospital (the #1 reason I went for the ASN) that I wanted to get in. If this is the path you are going to choose, GOOD FOR YOU. It means that when you do get your ASN, you will not be regarded as a "newbie" but as a nurse with floor experience at a higher educational level. According to Maslow's hierarchy once you've hit that self actulization level, you will seek out ways to improve yourself.
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    I'm slightly on the other side of this fence and I just had to put my thoughts in! I am in an evening RN program and last semester to keep our class big enough the Dean combined the LPN upgrades (bridge) program with regular 2nd semester nursing students. At first we (the regular students) thought this was going to be a great experience. We already had 2 girls who were already LPNs but they decided not to bridge over, they entered as regular nursing students. One of these girls held my hand through my first ACCUCheck ( I had never stuck anyone before) and gave me great advice! Unfortunately, this mix was not as supportive! Many of the LPN students held the opinion they were "better" than the regular old nursing students! This created a very stressful learning environment! On top of that, the LPNs would get mad because they missed questions on tests because "that's not how it happens in real life!" Needless to say by the end of the semester, about half of them failed. Mostly from over confidence in their own skills and lack of study time. Personally, I am glad I decided to go straight into an RN program because the bridge only saves one semester and an LPN program takes a year! On top of that, my program requires the bridge students to pass the first semester final and they have 8 weeks to do all the first semester validations and portfolio items! This is on top of all the 2nd semester nursing stuff! My closest friend in nursing school has been an LPN for 8 years and I get some of my best advice from her BUT she repeatedly tells me how much easier this is for me because I am "green!" If you decide to bridge from LPN to RN please don't hold a grudge against those who pick a different path! I always say nursing school is the equalizer! No matter how smart or experienced you are it WILL knock you on the butt. Just pick yourself up and remember your classmates can be your greatest allies!!
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    i did a LPN program 5 yrs ago,did my pre-reqs and co reqs while working and have been accepted for the ADN program for fall. i could of tested out of nursing 1,but decided to do the the entire 4 semesters...they say it is all repeat,but i want to start right fromt he begining.....i am taking pharm 1 as an online summer class and alot of it is repeat,but its one less class i have to deal with in the fall..

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