current RN student needing help with transfering schools and gpa

  1. I am a current RN student in KY, I have my LPN license. I enrolled at the school that I graduated with my LPN from thinking that the RN prgam was orgnized compared to the previous. Boy, was I wrong. I am now in my third quarter with the threat of being dissmissed due o my failing one class and possible failing of another at the end of this quarter. My gpa is horrible at 1.71 and this is without this quarter's grades being posted. I am looking into other schools, but I don't want to apply due to the gpa. I have taken classes at community college, and most of them were pre-reqs that transferred over to my current school. I earned good grades in all of those, and it wouldn't make sense to repeat them, but what else can I do to bring up the gpa that will allow me a better chance into getting in to another RN nursing program? The program of choice that I am looking into is IUS. Any advice would be welcomed.

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