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    I'm not sure if other people are running into the same problem as I have regarding loans so I figured I'd ask on here. I begin the FT LPN program on December 1st and they need $6,000 by October 15th or else you won't begin class. They suggested Sallie Mae for a loan but when I called Sallie Mae they don't recognize the school, they told me to ask for a federal number for loans and the school was clueless and didn't provide one.

    Asking $6,000 in a single sitting from anyone is a lot to ask for and they're not helpful at all -- Has anyone else found a loan else where? I have been calling nonstop for 2 days with no answer, assuming because of the holiday. Please let me know if you have chose a reasonable route for tuition!


    Burlington County Institute of Technology
    Full Time 15 Month LPN Program
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    The school does not have a code because they can not accept loan payments. If you need a loan in will have to be a personal loan with a check made to you. You can then deposit it and write the school a personal check from you or give cash. It is a good price considering Lincoln tech was gonna charge me around $20000 and that was with federal loans and grants. Good luck!!!
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    I looked into it more -- It's also because it isn't an accredited school.... but LT is! I don't know how, but it is! I'm looking into there soon... Did you end up going? Thanks so much for your help

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