Anyone in the Pensacola area going to Jefferson Davis Nursing program on January?

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    I'm still waiting to hear.
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    Still waiting to hear as well. I did receive a notification in the mail today stating that I have been awarded a nursing scholarship. I hope that means I am in. Good luck to you!
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    Wow ! Which scholarships did you apply for? I'm waiting to hear from them also.
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    I applied for the Second Career Scholarship and general scholarship. I couldn't apply for the $500 nursing scholarship because I had not been accepted into the program by the deadline for that particular scholarship. Did you take any classes at JD or did you take all your previous classes at PSC?
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    I took them at JD. I really like it there.
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    That's cool. The few times I have visited the campus I felt very comfortable. Everyone one was nice and willing to help. I believe it will be a great experience! Do you live in the Brewton area or the Pensacola area?
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    No. I live closer to Atmore.
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    I'm so excited. ...we received our letters today. Whoop woop
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    Congratulations! I guess I will be seeing you in class!
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    Thank you! Congrats to you too.