Anybody take the LPN Step Exam / ATI test?

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    Just curious has anybody taken this exam? I saw a site that offers the ATI Practice Assessment for $25, but I'm not sure if it is necessary.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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    I just graduated from Concorde. They provided the ATI practice program for us. If you saw one for only 25 dollars, be wary about it. The program costs around 348.00. I think you would be just fine utilizing NCLEX Review books like Saunders and Lippincott, and Mosby. Try getting them off of Amazon.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I took it last Friday but will be taking it for another school next month. I didnt get the online practice thing for 25, I just looked over my NCLEX LPN review book and my notes from LPN school.

    I felt pretty good about it when it was over so we'll see!!

    Thanks again for your feedback
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    My school required us to pass numerous ATI exams throughout the program. From what I remember they are very much like the NCLEX-PN exam.
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    Quote from jimthorp
    my school required us to pass numerous ati exams throughout the program. from what i remember they are very much like the nclex-pn exam.
    yes, i noticed that too! thanks jimthorp for your feedback.

    happy holidays!
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    Good luck. And Happy Holidays.
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    Thanks same to you! Now I'm Just waiting for my scores ambgirl2nurse
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    I took it today. It is very similar to the NCLEX-PN. I bought the "Exam CRAM: NCLEX-PN" and read maybe half of it and then realized, "I either know it or don't". I ended up scoring a 73%.


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