wheeeewwwww! Med surg I exam #1 passed:)

  1. OMG! I took my 1st med surg exam monday over the cardiovascular diseases (adults & peds) & my oh my it was not what i expected! I managed to get an 88!! When the test 1st started, i was panicking which is something i dont do i guess because i got use to the scenerio based type questions from fundamentals & these werent & there were A WHOLE HEAP OF SATA QUESTIONS! Our instructor gives us a study guide for the test but its pointless because either 1 or 2 items on the 2 page study guide was on, i use my own notes & powerpoints to study. 1 exam down 6 more to go! Mondays is exam 2 over vascular diseases & hypertension. Now back to studying!
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  3. by   lovedijah
    YAY for you. Congrats!! We start Med Surg on Monday. Pretty nervous. Fundamentals was a beast.. so I guess I'll see what Med Surg brings.
  4. by   kansasredneckwomen
    Congrats! I passed my first med/surg exam with an 85% but it was over eyes/ears/skin disorders. I take my next exam Monday over respiratory disorders Monday and then we start cardio disorders. I'm syked as I love the heart and what to be a CCRN so I'll have to know it inside and out (literally lol). Good luck and best wishes! Semester 1 halfway over!!!
  5. by   kansasredneckwomen
    Gotta love auto-correct!