TCAT Ripley~Spring 2018 - page 4

I recently submitted my application for the January 2018 LPN class @TCAT Ripley. Has anyone else applied and waiting acceptance also???... Read More

  1. by   staci5
    Yes. I know. I think tcat will b best for. Me. How far of a drive is Ripley from Memphis. I was thinking about whiteville too.
  2. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    For me it's like an hour from Southaven but the ride is smooth
  3. by   staci5
    See girl I can do that leaving from east Memphis . I called whiteville I'mma try them. I think it's before u get to Ripley
  4. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    That's what I said. I'm like I can take that drive. It's so worth it. And yeah give them a try. That determination will get you there for sure. And Covington is before Ripley too
  5. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    Has anyone gotten their official letter from TCAT Ripley yet