Starting Pn Clinicals

  1. Im starting my Pn clinicals next week soo excited! I just passed my Pharm class. We get our uniforms n lab jackets Monday...Any suggestions on the do's and don'ts at the cite?
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  3. by   kristiesin
    Congrats!!! It is exciting! I am in the middle of my first week of Clinical I. So far, I would say.. ASK your instructor about your restrictions, boudaries and make sure that they know what you are doing and WHY.
    Also.. in our state and in our school, our instructor MUST be present for all medication preparation, passes and any treatments. We write care plans and plan our daily work and then as she checks us off on things that are more aide skills, we are given a little more freedom each day.
    The meds though, she is with us each time, every day at clinical becuase it is her license that we are practicing under.

    Good luck and enjoy!!! It is what you have worked so hard for!!! We had to Pass EVERYTHING first semester and a big test out to be able to go to clinicals, so this feels like the reward, even though the med cards, research, care plans, and daily worksheets are a bunch of more work, it is a great thing to be putting everything together!
  4. by   Mrz_Rn2be
    Thanks for the outlook on clinicals, and you are right going to clinicals does feel like the reward after a touch first semester..I took 6 classes and 2 turtorial classes in 16 weeks!