scc/ssc florida LPN program

  1. I have a 3.66 recalculated GPA at Seminole State college (seminole community college) for their LPN pre-reqs, and a 3.89gpa for my AA ucf admission, so i can do the RN-BSN concurrent program.

    I was wondering how hard it is to get into their LPN program, i still have to take the TEAS test, i already took the TABE and passed all areas with a 12, so im good there.

    Even though i am looking to get into Orlando Tech, because i want to the LPN-RN bridge when im done, id rather go to Seminole states program.

    They said their is no waiting list.. but they take people who finished their pre-reqs first..that sounds contradicting, ive been looking into the different programs around.. Just wondering how hard it is to get into SCC's LPN program.

    Any information would be wonderful
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    i'm not yet done with my RN pre-reqs but as of now i have a 3.89, but im ALSO working on my AA so i can have that done before applying for hte concurrent program for UCF.

    LPN recal gpa is a 3.66, my goal longterm is to have my MSN-certified midwife but have to crawl before i run. so i just need to know how hard it was, how long you waited, if you were denied how many applied..etc etc etc for the lpn

    any information would be nice.
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    Hi, has anyone entered, finished the LPN program at SSC? I'm new in Orlando and want some advice. I have been away from school for many years and since I read LPN program accepts you according to GPA, when was pre-req's finished, etc. My concern is that if my GPA, tabe and teas testings are lower than others, will i EVER get accepted since probably many may have better scores than me . Please advice if this is the school to go to for LPN, also any info in Cambridge school for LPN?? thanks