Roll Call for Spring /Fall 2012 LPN/LVN Students!!! - page 7

Evening 2 You! I just wanted to share my excitement for starting my LPN program in January here in Chicago. Please check in with your city and school name. Hopefully we all can keep in touch either on here or by email. I would... Read More

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    Hello, I'm from Michigan and I start September 4 and I am very excited. Congratulations everyone!

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    Philadelphia suburbs here. I start September 4th
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    I'm new to this site but I'm sure I'll be on regularly. I got my acceptance letter last week...first day of class is November 13, 2012! Yay!
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    I am from florida and I start next tuesday I am so excited by the way Congrats we as male nurses can do it.
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    Yes we can. I found out yesterday that there are three other guys in my class. I'm glad that I won't be the only one.
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    Orange County, NY here -- start Sept. 5. Finally getting around to purchasing my books, although I have been reading them for weeks!
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    Long Island NY, I start Sept 10. Eastern Suffolk Boces
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    Dutchess County BOCES September 6th!! I'm oh so very excited!!
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    Middlesex county vocational tech sept. 6 oh so excited and cannot wait. Looking forward to becoming a nurse
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    Hello All!! Congrats!!
    South NJ here, taking my pre-reqs. gotta wait until spring 2013 or fall to start the LPN program. i wish you all the best!!

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