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    The question for the day is......" why do you want to become a nurse" ?

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    I come from a medical fam (dad is a nephrologist and my mums a nurse and many of my aunts/uncles are nurses as well) I tried very hard to run from it during college because i didnt want to be a cookie cutter form of my rents, but I found that I have a real interest and talent for it. I love interacting with each patient and learning everything I can from the nurses and fellow cnas. As I grew older, I was told i am exactly like my mum, (personality and looks) and she means everything to me. She influences and motivates me to be the best nurse I can be. Oh...and I love to help and teach others
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    Passion for serving people. I have always been the helping, giving type chick. Luv to make people smile while they are going through any & eveything even if its just smiling at them, giving them a pat on the back, just being there for them or giving them a hug! I work as a pct & its so rewarding spending time with all types of patients helping them @ a time where they are vulnerable & just knowing that your there for them with a smile on ur face willing to help them goes a looooonnnngggg way with that patient.

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