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    Hi, I am entering my second term in the LPN program and I keep hearing horror stories of Pharmacology and Med Surg. I have found a book that should help me pass my pharmacology class. The book is called "Pharmacology made Incredibly Easy" I have not found an additional text for Med Surg as of yet, but my question is in your opinion which class was harder? Do you think I may need the Med Surg made easy text book as well?

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    For my ADN program, Pharmacology is offered as a 3 credit course taken online. It's an 8-week course broken up into 5 weeks of self-study modules surrounding a particular topic in pharmacology (for example: drugs used to treat heart failure) with three projects: a drug phamplet, a case study, and a final project involving a case study, concept map/care plan and drug information cards. I didn't find Pharmacology to be difficult in the least, but it could partially be because all quizzes were open book, and the projects were fairly simple.

    As far as Medical-Surgical is concerned, I had the worst time. It's a LOT to memorize in a short period of time and nothing about it is easy, particularly when you get to specific subject areas, like Med-Surg nursing for pediatric patients. I would encourage you to spend money on supplemental books for Med-Surg, ESPECIALLY when it comes to learning fluid and electrolytes/acid-base balance. That unit is one tough mother! I hope this helps!
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