Passed New York State LPN Boards Today! 9/10/13

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    Hi Everyone, My name is Justin I graduated Nursing School in August- Got my ATT at the end of August Scheduled my test for Sept 10-

    Back Story- I work full time in a busy ER in Upstate New York- Graduated in the Top of my LPN Class- Got Top Clinical Student Award at Graduation-

    Boards- I had 85 questions (LPN Min)- I had nearly all Select All That Apply & The Drag and Drop- I only had 3 questions that were NOT in one of those two formats!- I felt very confident during my test and when it was over I KNEW that I had passed the NCLEX-PN-

    My test Started at 8am- I arrived at the testing center at about 7:35am- Was the first person to sign in-

    Let me tell you once I got signed in and taken to the testing center- My heart was RACING! I was so nervous! I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I had to inhale deeply and pass this test! (After all my future kind of depends on it)- It literally took me 10 minutes to answer the first question- After that I moved on to number two- I knew what the question was asking me- I felt very confident- I clicked next- #3- Select All That Apply! ( I thought OH ****!) Already? (lol)- So I read the questions BAM! I knew I got it! I kept pusing thru- I got to about number 55 and Got a regulare question- I must have missed number 54- Then NUmber 56 went back to a SATA Type- So I knew I was back on track- I got to number 80 Stopped for a minute and prayed- 85 came- SATA again!- I read it and laughed because I knew the answer!!!!! I was so happy, proud, & relieved!

    What I studied- more like what did I not study!-

    Here is a List-
    -Kaplan Book (Not the online course just the book)
    -College Network (They came to my school and gave my class a 7day trial pack of the PN NCLEX prep) -To me this was most like the boards
    -Saunders (ONLY the CD!!- I hated the reading material in the book! Too much like class!)
    -Exam Cram! ( Get the one with the reading material and the 200 question!)
    -Remar Review (On YOUTUBE- Regina is an RN and she is VERY smart! I remember her voice during my NCLEX! Watch ALL ALL ALL of her videos)

    My study plan- QUESTIONS! I honestly didn't focus much on reading into things- Just do questions- The Saunders prepared me for the SATA questions- but the boards are a totally different animal in itself. I highly recommend REMAR review if I could go back in time I would have purchased her review guide- She made things so EASY to understand in her videos!

    Good Luck to all you guys and gals who are about to face this test! You CAN do this! I believe in you! If I did it ALL of you can too! Put Nervous Nelly in the Trunk on the day of the test! Eat a good breakfast- Forget sleeping just lay in bed, your mind will NOT let you sleep! My mind reviewed facts all night as if going thru a file cabinet on Auto Pilot-
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    Way to go Justin! Congratulations! I am a newbie in school. I have been in for about 1 1/2 months. I do have a question, how were you with your critical thinking questions? I know a lot of people have problems with them. We all thought that nursing fundamentals was easy, well it's not. Any advice new nurse! On critical thinking and fundamentals? Lol.
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    It's all about learning a firm foundation- You must let the other stuff sink in- You need to know a lot, but you gotta face it- there is NO WAY anyone remembers everything! Just pay attention to your instructors- They are talking for reason- I could hear my instructor talking while I was taking NCLEX-

    Critical thinking- You just have to be able to take a situation and break it down into pieces- What is happening? Why is it happening? What can I do to fix this issue? Is the patient Safe?(SAFETY always comes first!)
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    Congrats Justin, on passing the NCLEX PN!!!
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    Congrats, your confidence throughout the process was very high and positive, thanks for the insight.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm a new student in upstate NY as well, hoping to take my NCLEX next year around this time! Congrats to you!
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    Congratulations! I just started my program last week. Did you have ati in your program and if so does it help at all with classes or the nclex?