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  1. I registered for the pnat exam for november the 18th of 2012 and I have a few questions. First and foremost, will there be any tuition assistance or alternative payment methods for this program? I don't have much money and cannot afford to pay this right away.. So as first question goes is there an alternative payment method for this?

    My second question is, will there be a need for me to buy the p-nat practice exam book? I looked at the test and saw what types of questions there will be and honestly it doesn't seem like it'll be too difficult. I haven't been to school in a few years but is the vocabluary and math hard on the exam? Either way i want to make sure it's definitely helpful for my success in this exam and money is too much of an issue to know if i should invest in this practice exam.

    I should also note i applied for the CNET program for NYC.
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  3. by   jintobox
    anyone? anyone able to help me out? much appreciated
  4. by   Blessed2013
    I applied for the November 18th test too! Have you gotten any of the study materials yet? I'm still looking to purchase them :-( I'm sure that there may a payment plan or aid for us becaus do would need the aid as well... Good Luck with it all!!!