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First of all, hello to you all. For the past 2-evenings I've been reading the posts here and have come across so much valuable information already. Thank God for this site. I might be visiting it often in the months to come. ... Read More

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    Quote from DOESDAD
    Well, you all have scared the b'Jesus out of me. I was hoping to work full time and do an lpn program at night - is that crazy?
    I currently work full time, married and have 4 children. I am in the nights and weekends program here which is tough because you have the same amount of material to learn in less time. Most of the previous nights/weekends students have been workers (which is why the program started) and usually most go to part time or quit their job entirely. I think if you really want this, take a DEEP breath, and push forward you can survive nursing school and work. It is tough but doable. I am currently in my third class (having already taken Fundamentals and Pharmacology) and I know it will get tougher but just take it one day at a time.

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    4 kids and woking full time? God bless. The fact is that if I go for this I will put everything I have metally & physically into it and use every resource available to me. I will have to work full time - no doubt, but if it gets too tough I'll find a way of getting by with less income and tough it out until the end of the program. The program I'm looking at is only 13 months.
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    My experience in Catholic school was not a positive one. There was alot of psychological abuse. We did not have any of the arts and just some gym. The classes were very boring . My biology teacher would not approve me to take Chemistry which I needed as precollege course. She embarassed me in front of the class and told me that I would never be a nurse. The reason that she did not want to approve me for Chemistry is that I would kill the butterflys and pin them on a poster and bring to class like everyone else did. Me and my Mom started to cry when we had to do that. So I took pictures instead and brought pictures with the explanation of the species. Unacceptable to this woman. We all know how important our butterflys are to the planet. We had about 25 kids in that class we had to catch at least 10 butterflys. So 24 kids did that . Look at all the dead butterflys! Anyway , I transferred to public school and took my Chemistry and did well. Loved the labs. Took a course called Great Books and read the classics that I should have been reading in my other school. In fact I needed to catch up in most of my classes. So our Public school was much better than the Catholic school. They have since evolved. Thank goodness.
    Nice to share experiences.
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    Quote from wannabedone09
    whoneedsashotsaid? that was a perfect post.:bowingpur My school is the opposite of the original poster. The students come late all the time. Have cellphones going off. Texting in class my Lvn program is a joke. We are in our last semester and some students can't even take a B/P let alone know what b/P is they dont even know the blood flow of the heart. I would only let 2 students out of my whole class take care of me or my loved ones. I can see why schools are tough you are dealing with peolpes lives but my school doesnt seem to understand. All they understand is $$$$$
    hahaha! i definitely feel you on this one. my school is a joke too. they are all about the money. luckily we have been blessed with a couple of good instructors who care about their students and do their best to help us understand the material so we can pass the class. although our school is such a joke, i would trust everyone in my class to take care of me and my loved ones.

    btw i actually wished i was attending a school that was more like the thread starter's. i can definitely say that i'd be more knowledgeable and confident as a student.

    to the thread starter: good luck with everything!
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    Quote from ~Kristen~
    It is the same in my school as well - to the T! From the 10 point deductions if absent to the "being locked out if late".
    I'll trade you. If we miss class we get a zero on whatever was due. Period. I am halfway through my LPN program and took my first day off of class my daughters both had that horrific hourly vomiting stomach virus, and I got a zero on the pop quiz that was given that day. Earlier this semester one of our student's daughter was in the hospital due to an infection in her foot (it was really bad...she spent an entire week in the hospital) and she missed 1 test and 1 quiz and even came to class while her daughter was in the hospital (little kid type daughter too not teenager or adult or anything) and she got zeros on both. When we only have 4 tests per class...lets just say that I have no idea how she is going to manage to pass no matter how hard she tries. Generally speaking only 1-2 people out of 14 get an A, but we are all trying very hard (anyone who didnt was weeded out long ago).

    I'm sorry you're having so much trouble OP. I think the obsession with clothing is silly. Hopefully this new program will be better for you.
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    Wow, when I read your post, I thought I had written it!! Seriously, I am 42 years old, a medical transcriptionist for 20+ years, and started NS in November. I am getting ready to enter my 2nd quarter, and it has been a rough one. I am lucky in that my school seems to WANT you to succeed, and gives you every opportunity to do just that. But still, there are people in my class who are failing, but it is their own fault. They miss too much class, and dont seem to study or take anything seriously. No cell phones are allowed in our classes either, but still students sneak and do it, and I have to admit it is very distracting.

    I myself am scared to death every time I walk into clinicals as I have NO patient experience whatsoever. I didnt have the benefits of being an aide prior to NS. I am so afraid I will cause harm to someone, it is paralyzing. Sometimes in class or clinicals I look around and have to ask myself just what the h*&* am I doing here? I cant believe what I have gotten myself into, and the fact that I actually WANT to do this job. I also am working part-time still, 25 hours a week, on top of going to school full-time, which makes it even more difficult.

    I do believe the other posters who have said that NS is tough, and the weeding out is important. I am lucky in that my class is small with only 12 people, which makes it a LOT easier. I am doing well in class, and i firmly believe that transcription has really given me an edge, and I am confident I will make it through. I am amazed sometimes by the knowledge I have gained already w/o even realizing it. Even if only 6 of us make it through, I KNOW I will be one of them. I will not let myself be defeated. Please dont give up your dream, or any allow anyone else to scare you into not pursuing it. If you have the dedication and the drive to make it through, you will. I wish you the best of luck!!

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