nursing course syllabus?

  1. 0 I am returning to school after many years out. Already have my lpn from the first time in, but I feel like I should refresh my knowledge on the topics covered in those classes as it was So long ago.

    Problem is, there is just so much info out there!! I need to focus and create an outline of study for the rest of the year. My rn courses start in January 2013 so I have a bit of time to review.

    Would anyone be able to email me their course syllabus from lpn nursing classes and maybe A&P?? Not your notes or anything, just the syllabus so I can use it as a general outline on what I should be reviewing in the next few months.

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    I see you have a lot of views but no responses. There's a lot of different subjects and I know I have a different syllabus for each class. Is there a certain area you want to review in? Maybe if you ask that way you'd get a reply. If you narrow it down I can send some to you but I don't think you'd want all 30 plus syllabui that I have. I'm sure your experience as a LPN will suffice but again if you narrow it down I can send some to you.

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