LPN Tn Tech?

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    Has anyone ever attended the LPN program from the TN College of Technology? Used to be named Tennessee Technology Center? I start next week and I'm incredibly nervous. I don't want to imply I have no confidence but, honestly, I'm definitely intimidated. I'm hoping someone has some pointers. It's greatly appreciated.
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    I'm in the same shoes as you! I don't know what campus you are attending, I'm at the one in Pulaski. I'm nervous, but excited too.
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    I attended in Morristown :-) Good luck
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    Hey Jann I'm in your class! I started a thread here "TCAT-Hartsville" or something like that. I was the fat old guy in the second row on the left end. Where were you?
    (EDIT: no caffeine yet -- she didn't say Hartsville campus)
    I'm so nervous, which is unusual for me... can't sleep, weird dreams, back/neck aching... silly but true. I've got lots of real life college experience (WKU, Vol State) but this LPN thing is freakin' me out! Or maybe it's excitement!

    I have a friend who graduated from the program last year, she got a job at a doctor's office and loves it. She gave me some of her notes, it looks like fun if you love science/medicine, or a nightmare if you don't.
    I stayed after the orientation and talked to Lou Ann, who is from NY like me, and she seemed super cool! I was surprised no one stayed around after orientation.
    My biggest concern is getting there on time. I live in Hendersonville, drop the kiddies off at SJV
    school in Gallatin at 7:30 then gotta get to Hartsville by 8... my friend did it but I worry I'll be stuck behind farmer John and his 30MPH thresher... surprised I haven't had THAT dream yet!
    And lunches? There are only 3-4 restaurants in HartsVegas, so I gotta find a cheap, easily made/packed/eaten lunch for myself.
    Anyway, wah wah wah I know... Glad you posted here! Say hi on Tuesday!
    I wish it started today. I'm so sick of waiting!
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    I guess I didn't really start the topic as I said so I went back and made a proper thread here...
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    Which campus will you be attending? I was at the on in Nashville a few years ago.
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    I start the program at the Clarksville campus next week. I am so nervous!

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