LPN Program at BCIT in NJ

  1. I have been trying to get an application for the LPN day or PT from BCIT in NJ. I spoke to someone in ms. B's office who said call back in July, we are full, also that the program is only PT? I cannot get further info. Are they full for all the 2011 classes? When is the best time to apply? Is anyone starting early 2011, if so is there a wait list and when did you have to apply in time to take the test etc. Thanks

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  3. by   Ria Manf
    I don't know of you're still looking to find information on BCIT's LPN program. I applied in September for the February 2011 part time night program. I took the test in the beginning of November and passed with a 90 (it was very easy) and Ms Beverley told me there were still spots available. I got a call today and my interview will be the week of Dec 6th. Did you end up applying? Let me know!