Lincoln Tech ?!

  1. Is anyone attending an LPN program at Lincoln tech?! Or have you attended in the past? I am so worried that I will be spending all this money and wont get a good experience / education !

    I have read many bad reviews but I am going to be attending the Lincoln Tech in Shelton CT and havn't heard any bad reviews from that location.

    I am also concerned about wether or not Lincoln tech is respected by hospitals, and doctors offices. Also if they are respected well by other schools because I am looking to go from LPN to RN in the future.

    Any responses are greatly appreciated !!! :]
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  3. by   julia414
    i was thinking about lincoln tech in paramus nj till i heard it was 30k and 2 years just for a degree
  4. by   itsxnathalie
    Yeah it's pretty pricey but I would get my degree In 15 months ! I got financial aid.
    They seem pretty legit though I went to orientation and they are big on keeping up their reputation. Hopefully the techers are good, and it's nto just a dissappointment !! :[
  5. by   julia414
    i also heard they arent accreditted, i would check
  6. by   ALLeigh
    ive done my research for almost the las year and have had 2 close friends atend and got good feedback. There is financial aid and grants you can apply for. It doesnt matter weather you go to LT they normally dont hire LPN is hospitals. Just do your research and you will know if its right for you! im starting soon!
  7. by   Roxyann57
    I looked into lincoln tech and I am glad I did not pay that insane amount of money. I heard from a girl who went there and payed 30k for 2 years that she didn't even get an OB experience, it was all done in the lab! Now I go to a vocational county school that is well known in the area and payed 6k for it. My clinicals are amazing, but it is also full time and some people can't do that. I would keep reading reviews. Look at other options. Look at the pass/fail rate for the NCLEX.
  8. by   kingston2866
    anyone who is interested in becoming an lpn dont go to lincoln tech racist bias and liars the school looks good on the out side especially the paramus campus but you will regret spending your money some of teachers are rude nasty and some of them are rn's with bs degree and arent knowlege able my suggestion is go to a school where there are college professors or medical doctors that are instructors
  9. by   kingston2866
    dont go to lincoln paramus campus bad instructors very disorganize you will waste your time and money. the course is about 26k. they r racist rude and prey on minority student to get there financial aid money then if they don't like you it could be an instructor or an adminstrator they will team up and get you at the end by either telling you went over your clinical hours or they will curve your grades or the instructors who all are nurse rejects that cant hold a stable job at any nursing facility in NY so they came to Jersey will with hold the information you need to pass your exams in order for you to fail so be very careful if you choose lincoln tech paramus campus has your LPN site
  10. by   Michael_Espelin
    So far my experience at Lincoln Tech in New Britain, CT has been great. I would definitely recommend it, although a bit pricey as previously stated, very worth while. I am in the 12 month full time day program, and the first month flew by. All the instructors so far are extremely fair and reasonable. No racist instructors at Lincoln Tech in New Britain! The rudeness comes with ANY college/university/private institute (at least the ones I've been to). No matter where you go, there will be rude professors/instructors - you just have to get on their "good" side, not that hard.

    I figure, I am paying what I would normally be paying for only a year at a decent college/university (maybe even a little cheaper), except this is a one year, accelerated program, that leads to an immediate career. While at a College/University, I would need many years that would lead to a career... That is the big reason why I chose this route.
  11. by   kingston2866
    Lincoln tech in ct is ok my nephew goes to the one up near bridgeport but this one in paramus is really bad it depends on how well trained and how professional the instructors are if they are there for every student equally but that doesnt happen at the lincoln tech in paramus. Just any one there who wants to go to lincoln tech for the LPN go to new braitain ct ok
  12. by   Nobeck
    Hi, first I would like to say thanks to all that have taken the time to post their experiences. It is my opinion that the best way to find out about a school/program etc is to speak with the student. I am about to start the LPN program at Lincoln Tech at the New Britain campus and I must say that after reading some of these post I am very worried. Investing all that money into a program that may not be accredited by CT Nursing Acc or by the CT Nursing boards is very terrifying to say the least. Another one of my concern is whether or not I will get hired when the program is completed. Micheal Espelin and Bob2866 thanks you for you feedback. I also welcome any input or other feedback. Good luck to you all.