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Kaplan LVN program

  1. 0 Does anyone have any reviews on Kaplans LVN program and then bridging to the RN program after? I am getting tired of constantly fighting everyone for classes at my local college and considering joining Kaplan. I don't have much time to decide so ANY reviews would be helpful!!! Thank you
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    Hi Desiree,

    I'm also interested in Kaplan's LVN program. I haven't had any luck finding anyone currently enrolled or registering for the location I am considering. I'm looking at Kaplan-Modesto CA which location are you thinking about??

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    I tried to get into the Modesto program and they told me they have no idea when they are starting the program so now in looking into Vista (my sons dad lives there, considering moving there toget school over with) but I plan to bridge to RN and to get into the San Diego RN program you have to get 90% on both entrance exams. That scares me

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