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Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker on this site, and figured i'd join since I started my LPN program last week. Okay, I have been hard on myself and I strive to make A's on all the tests, quizzes and homework that... Read More

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    Its normal to want all A's and it is possible but dont beat yourself up if you get B's. You can do it!! Do the best you can and good luck!

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    We were talking about this just the other day. For a long time, the name of the game was getting ALL A's to increase your chances of getting into nursing school. I did. I got and kept a 4.0 and even twice got the best A&P II exam grade in my class out of 130 people.

    Examine why it upsets you to not get an A. Is it because you're competetive? It is the thrill of an A and knowing you came up with all the right answers? When my classmates and I were discussing this, we came to the conclusion that if you get a grade lower than you were hoping, the best reason to have about why it upset you is that you want to be sure you have mastery of information that's dealing with the care of human beings...YOUR care of human beings, and if you get an undesirable grade, you should have concern about that...not the LETTER of the grade.

    I agree...get over it. Worry more about feeling that you have a handle on the most basic and fundamenat concepts. In everything, focus on the most important factors, and when you have an exam coming up, study to KNOW the information, not just memorizing words and phrases to get through an exam.
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    Thanks everyone. I did get an A after all of that stressing.

    Mitzi, i'm not delusional, I just want to be the best I can be. I know that nursing school is only going to get tougher. I didn't jump into this willy-nilly. I know what's coming!!

    And with everything we are learning, i'm trying to think like a nurse, therefore, I don't memorize. I apply it to understand the reasons why..

    Have a great night everyone!
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    I just want to clarify that i'm not a crazy perfectionist as my posts may come across. I'm pretty laid back and love to laugh and have fun!! I just like to put 110% in all that I do and hope for the best.

    My kids and husband rock, and have been great adjusting with me going to school. I know that i'm not going to get A's all the time, but I sure do like to try!

    Happy Thursday!
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    Congrats on the A i am starting nursing school October 1 and really hope that I can keep up with grades such as A cause. great motivation.

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