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  1. I am currently an LPN student learning care plans (PITA), and I am writing my care plan in regards to Influenza as my first "Fake" plan. I am stuck on how to narrow down my implementations as far as what actions to perform for each subcategory of my NANDA Diagnosis. Listed below is how our instructors want us to list our care plan. Keep in mind, we are to only have 1 "Planning & Evaluation" but list as many Assessment subcategories as possible with 1 implementation and rationale for each action.


    Imbalanced Body Temperature
    r/t Fever AEB Body Temp 101.8
    taken on admission.

    sub1 - V.S. Temp: 101.8, P: 103, R: 32, B/P: 126/82, O2: 98%, P.S. 2-10
    sub2 - Dieting (nutrition)
    sub3 - Medication
    sub4 - excessive sweating
    sub5 - sore throat
    sub6 - Cough (productive)
    sub7 - headaches
    sub8 - lab work
    sub9 - inappropriate clothing
    sub10 - inactivity (ADL)
    sub11 - Lung sounds
    sub12 - Environment
    sub13 - age&weight
    sub14 - impaired judgment
    sub15 - alcohol use
    sub16 - recent exposure to communicable disease without known immunity
    sub17 - abnormal respiratory rate
    sub18 - abnormal heart rate/rhythm
    sub19 - mental status


    ok, now I need to draw implementations for each subcategory. My list starts with sub1:

    sub1 - chk v.s. q hr until v.s. have stabilized within a normal range then q 4 hr for duration of day.
    sub2 - ?
    sub3 - ?
    and so on and so on..

    thanks for any help.. I am having a rough time in LPN class being a Male Nurse let alone understanding whats going on here.

    BTW, I thought being a straight guy in a class of 34 woman would be easy.. pffff.. since day 1, nothing but DDRRRAAAAMMMAAA.. Dear God I couldn't imagine how woman even get along in life vs. a classroom.. GEEsus people. We could start our own reality show.... on lifetime... hahahahah~!!

    anyway, I look forward to positive criticism.
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  3. by   crazyts
    im not that far into my program yet but i found this a couple of weeks ago and bookmarked it thinking it may help later... Developed by nurses for nurses for care planning

    hope it helps..... if not PLEASE DO NOT cause any drama..... lol had to add that.. to funny...