How do u manage school work and fam?

  1. Plz help. Im currently a student a mom a wife and I work as a CNA . Now all of u guys know that we have to spend a lot of time studying for the ati and nclex. I try my best to divide my time between my family and school, but it's not enough for my husband. For ex. I have a test on Monday I had to study during the weekend but my husband has been on my case saying that I study to much so I decided to put my books away, we spent the whole day at the beach. We got home at 11pm my son n i were tired but my husband still wanted to go out partying. It did upset but his responds was we're young let's party. I'm over the partying I have a son we have responsibilities were not teenagers anymore. He complains to everyone that I never want to do anything but study, his tired of me studying but I'm tired of his partying. What should I do ? Am I wrong? How do u guys juggle school fam and work?
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    Yikes. I can see you are in a tough situation. The problem with nursing school is something has to give...either less hours at work or less hours with your family. At the start of nursing school I had a conversation with my boyfriend (of 4 years), friends, family, and even my boss letting them know that my priority over the next two years was nursing school. I had come to the decision that by becoming a nurse I was not only doing what I love but also bettering my future. There were times it was tough and I had numerous fights with my boyfriend since I was studying more and spending less time with him. It got so bad that I finally got to the point of saying he was free to leave if he couldn't be supportive (he stayed). Your situation is more difficult than mine since I do not have children and am not married. My suggestion would be to have a heart-to-heart with your husband. Explain that this is a choice that you have made and that nursing school is only temporary. Hopefully he will be more understanding and realize that you are doing this to better your whole family.
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    Thank you.