Help on CardioVascular Disorders Med/Surge & Pharm

  1. Hi, I'm currently in school for my LPN (11.5month course), graduation date 6/11/2010.......well maybe........We started level 3 of 4 in mid December, my grandmother passed 12/18, funeral was 12/21, long story short, it was & has been real hard on me (my died passed when I was 3 & she was all I had left), So I started out on with some not so high grades as we have a test 3-5days a week.This level is short, shorter then the other 2, and I am sinking I really want to graduate & become a nurse, but I am in need f some help, study tips, anything at this point will help!

    I am hoping I am not to late, I have a test on Thursday on Cardiovascular disorders (infections, inflammations, s/s, medical mgt, etc). Does anyone have any suggestions of websites that I can go to in order to better understand this stuff? Or maybe some tips. trick,sayings, rhymes, anything on studying & ways to remember things

    Thanks in advance!!!
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