Have anyone taken the cnet exam ?

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    for the cnet what is the passing grade? after u taken the p-nat exam what is the next exam you take and whats after that is it interview? what is the cnet computer based test for lpn ? is that the tabe exam ? please tell me what exams do i need to take

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    The CNET, you have to score at least, in the 50th percentile in all three subjects (reading,math,language).... Then you are scheduled to take the TABE A, and then the TEAS.... Once you do all 3.... Then you will be given an application packet for the program.
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    what is tabe a? isnt it just tabe exam? for the teas exam is it hard ? and how much is the program
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    The TABE Test is given by levels, separated by letter (E,M,D,A) A being the highest level, and the one used for this program. The TEAS exam is not hard (the science portion of the TEAS is not used for this program) and the total cost of the program for 2012-2013 is $2,500.
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    the school will give u the tea exam only english and math no science? how many test are we taking and where can i get tabe a tests?
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    You will be taking 3 exams. Its all high school level math, reading and vocabulary. Worry about the cnet, if you can pass that exam the other 2 will be a walk in the park. Good luck!
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    I know but is there any science involve with those three exams
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    If there were science, I would have happily mentioned it to you. Good luck.

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