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Hallelujah 5 more weeks!

  1. 4 5 weeks left & i'll be finished! Ob/maternity final tomorrow then med surge 4! This has been a long 15 months but its all been worth it! Accomplishing this feels really good! I failed out of Rn school in 2011 & didnt quit just took a detour & im happy! Im a firm believer that if you set your goals & ur mind & heart to do something you really want to do, it will happen! My faith gets stronger & stronger the closer i get to the finish line. Starting today on my 100 questions a day in preparation for the NCLEX. Once i pass that, i can really jump for joy & relax until oct when i go back to retake my a&p since its 5 years old & biology, ive already taken my other required classes. God willing fall 2014 i'll be in a bridge program. Just a few words of encouragement to those that may need it: Dont give up, no matter what route u have to take to achieve ur goals & dreams, take it. Only you can live ur life no one else can. Dont worry about naysayers & discouragers 4 every negative there are 5 positives! If i can flunk out & make a come back, anybody can! & most of all keep God or whom ever u believe in 1st & everything will work out! HAPPY NURSING
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    Congrats! I have my Ob & Mental Health finals on Wednesday and then I have 6 weeks left until I graduate! My last classes are Peds & Leadership! Oh it has been such a long 11 months! I'm so excited! I finish August 16th! Congratulations again!
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    Congrats to you! I also take my ATI comprehensive final 7/17/2013 then I am DONE! I too feel that without GOds help I would not have made it this far. It's been a long 3.5 years.
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