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    Hello, everyone! On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 I will be attending Eastern Center for Arts and Technology LPN program in Willow Grove, PA. I have recently sent my deposit and I was wondering if anyone else is attending Eastern's 129th LPN class.
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    Hey! Im also starting the program September 2 at eastern!
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    Yay! I have finally found someone who is going to be in my class. Did you getting your fingerprints and all of the extra stuff that we need to have by August 22nd? I am hoping to complete everything on that list before August.
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    Im so excited but nervous! I did do the background check but not the finger print. But im trying to get everything done now! Did you do the dosage calculation packet? Bc they told me it will be a test the first day.
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    Me too! Since receiving my acceptance letter, I have been getting goosebumps. Yes, I just started the math packet and I am going to start tutoring in two weeks.
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    Some of the questions in the packet I was not too sure about. But ill try to get some help from a nurse at my job. Do u live in the Philadelphia area?
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    I wonder how many students are in the class.
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    Yes, I will be receiving tutoring from a nurse in two weeks. I need to stop second guessing myself because on the Conversion 1 worksheet I got 5 wrong. So I really need to work that out. I live in Upper Darby, PA and I will be traveling by SEPTA...😬. But it is so worth it. Are you a CNA? And will you be working on the weekends? I have to meet with my supervisor tomorrow about my schedule for school. I pray that she will be able to accommodate with me.
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    I remembered during the interview that they only accept 24-25 students but we will see.
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    I live right outside of Philadelphia. I work at a local hospital in the nutrition department and as a cna at a nursing home in lansdale for only the summer actually this month is my last Month here as a cna. But my job at the hospital permanent bc they assist with my education. But im only working weekends there due to school. I dont have the packet on me so I can see what problem.

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