Couple of weeks in

  1. Well it is going really fast. I am in a class of 28 or was 28, and we are cooking right along. We have done NG/NE, Caths, Shots, Assessments(cardio/resp), dressing changes, and more. But becasue it is going so fast and we have finals I really have to detail my notes to remember for the final. One recommendation to those of you out there taking unit tests with finals, take notes down of as much that you can remember on test so you have an idea of what the final will be.
    Anyways we are down to 24 students as of today. We had a few who didnt pass the math portion that is given in week 3. Everyone had to pass with a 90% and I thought the test was really easy and it was a nice boost on our grades for that class, like free points. And then one lady was booted out today becasue her class average was below 78%. She had a hard road to go down and was in my personal group(projects) so I was sad for her and she was crying in class when she said good-bye. That was kind of messed up they pulled her out right in the middle of class and we are all like oh crap.
    New for our state this year we found out that we will be doing IV's which is cool. I have already done a good amount in the army as a combat medic so I am happy I have that leg up.
    Well lets see what else..........
    Oh we are using ATI system for our reviews which was 500 bucks. It is ok, the book rep or whatever came in to show us how to use all the stuff which took 2 hours by the end of which we all wanted to cry/kill.
    Well I guess thats about it I will post again when I can good luck everyone.

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