CNI College, Orange, CA GREAT SCHOOL!

  1. I am a third term student at CNI College, Orange California. I will graduate in August with my LVN. I wanted to go this route because it is easier to go to RN school, and I had previously been in a surgical tech program that lost their clinical sites.

    I looked at ALL of the schools in my area for over 2 years, and decided initially I wanted to do the Surgical tech route, then my RN. When my old school went "belly up" I thought it was better to just do my LVN then RN.

    I found CNI from other students who attend this school, I started in August and have really enjoyed my time here. It is a hard school, but I know that I will be better prepared for my NCLEX and clinicals and as a staff nurse when I graduate than other students applying for jobs or taking the NCLEX.

    I did read the negative things someone wrote on this board about CNI, and to me, I think they are just disgruntled because they obviously had one trash the school probably because they were failing.

    The staff here really DO CARE about the students and the DON and ASST DON are so sweet and really do bend over backwards to help the students.

    When someone asks why I chose this school there are many reasons why....NCLEX pass rate is 100%, Clinicals sites are really good, hospitals from term II-IV and many different instructors all with a wide range of knowledge.

    I have been in RN school before, but do to my husband's job, had to move a lot and never finished.

    I can tell you this school is as good if not better (and a little harder in a demanding way) than the 4 yr university I attended in Illinois.

    I can tell you that if you are looking to just go to school, go anywhere, but if you are serious about wanting a school that does stand by their students from day 1 through graduation, then you will excel at this school.

    It can be very demanding and overwhelming, but I have never been to a college that was not demanding at times. The staff really do make the difference, and Mrs. VJ, the DON is really fair and will do whatever she can to help students achieve their dreams of becoming a nurse.

    Hope this helps others.....those on here who bash this school probably didn't have the grades and are immature and just want to blame someone, so they lash out at the instructors or staff and the school itself. Why do you want to be a nurse if you don't want to learn??

    You will be dealing with people's lives and I definitely want to know what I am doing when it comes time for me to work.....I wouldnt want to coast through with all A's because the school didn't can take your $$ anywhere and go to nursing school, but why not go where you will get a top education that will carry with you the rest of your life??

    I love my school, and especially I love the instructors and staff!!

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  3. by   castr113
    That's great. I was starting to get nervous about some of the negative reviews that I was reading when it came to the LVN program at CNI. I will be starting in August, full time. I do have one question for you, since you've been through the program...did they make you wait 3 months still you could take the NCLEX? I read that a few times and was wondering why they would make you wait to take the license exam if you should be prepared upon graduating?
  4. by   Cglitter
    Hi castr113! I will be starting CNI in August full time as well! I get discouraged reading all of the negative reviews (and the ones that mention the lack of jobs) as well (which there seems to be for EVERY private lvn school :icon_roll). A close friend of mine actually recommended CNI to me. He said it was hard work, but it really prepared him for the NCLEX (which he passed the first time). I'm going to try to stay positive and work hard and hope that it all works out in the end. I am not sure about the waiting 3 months thing but I can ask him. Did you already take the NET and meet with the Director?
  5. by   LourdesRamos
    Hi castr113 and Cglitter! I'll be joining the two of you at CNI as well! Well not officially, I haven't completed everything but hopefully will be! Do any of you live near Brea, wanting to carpool? LOL!
  6. by   luvbnmom03
    Hi I am barley doing research on schools. I need help! I am interested in attending CNI. castr113, Cglitter, LourdesRamos,
    since you have already started (assuming you have) can you give me honest opinions so far. Am very scared on wasting time and $. Hope to hear from you soon!