ASU Searcy's LPN program

  1. I was accepted for the LPN program starting in August at ASU Searcy. Anyone know anything about the program and any tips on how to be successful in it?
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  3. by   SDS1212
    Hey! I am trying to get into the same program. How was it? Mind if I ask what your scores were on the wonderlic and accuplacer? I'm hoping mine are high enough.
  4. by   confuerte
    @SDS1212 did you get into the program?
  5. by   SDS1212
    Yes, I did!
  6. by   confuerte
    how is it!!????
  7. by   SDS1212
    It's busy!! I never saw you reply. Sorry for that. It's not bad. I'm in clinicals now. You definitely have to study everyday!!
  8. by   Breanna30
    I'm waiting to see if I got in for spring 2018. I feel like I have been waiting for forever! Did you take a hessi test (or however you spell it)