Anyone attending ATS Jan 2014???

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    Hello All,

    I will be attending ATS jan 2013 and was wondering is anyone else attending also?

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    hello i am actually looking into starting this school in january as well. im going to talk with them on monday. hopefully they will accept my class from triton. i have all my sciences and english down i may have to test out the math. i sent you a friend request. are you going in the morning or evening
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    Hello i have my sciences and English as well. I got a c in ap ii which for me meant i couldnt transfer that class bc it had to be a b or better in ap 1 and ap2 you cant transfer one and not the other. I have to retake English bc i took English 1 and 2 over 5 yrs ago. The only class that transferred in was psy 104 bc i took it within the year. I actually tested out of all the remedial class so i only have 12 months to attend. I am attending the evening program.

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