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Im in the north hollywood area, and was just curious if any members on this board happened to be in the area and which schools they recommend? Thanks.... Read More

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    thanks for any input you guys gave me regarding lvn school; Does anyone know anything about scholarships or grants.....? I know that i'm trying to start this career late in my life, but I am trying to tell myself that there's no time like the present to get started. So... a litle bit of a late start shouldn't stop me from persuing my dream ( i think) or $$$; should it?
    Go to the schools Financial Aid office. They should have an area with all of the scholarships available throught the school and there is a web site (can't remember the name) that helps people look for scholarships that fit their needs. Also find out if you may qualify for a pell grant. But I would highly recommend that you start out at the financial Aid office first. They are a great resource to help people find money for college.

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    Sara, I am considering the LVN program at Cuesta. What more can you tell me about it. You took it on the north country campus right? I live in the five cities area so if I do it I will be trying to find a place to live a few days a week up in Paso. Where did you do your clinicals? Homework? Were most of your cohort cna's? Did you cover Pharmacology? I see the LVN program at Allan Hancock requires that class before starting the program ...I am considering doing the LVN at Cuesta and then transferring to the one year RN program at Allan Hancock.
    Thanks for any knowledge you have and wish to share.
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    Think twice about Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in San Mateo, CA!

    I am currently an LVN student and I am very dissatisfied.
    Let me begin by mentioning that it is not Title IV accredited which means no financial aid; your expenses cannot be claimed on your tax return because your tax forms require the Title IV code for the school of which you are attending; and you do not qualify for tuition reimbursement from your employer because companies providing tuition reimbursement also require the Title IV code. So, most of the students attending this school have to put down a large down payment and make large monthly payments until you can qualify for a student loan or pay it off in full.
    The reason I chose this school is that they advertised being able to go to school evenings and complete clinicals on weekends so a full-time employed person could attain an LVN degree and maintain employment.
    My class and I signed contracts stating 16 clinical hours and 3 evening classes a week.
    However, this week they informed us that they erred and we are required to do an additional 5 clinical hrs a week beginning next week. We were given a few options on how to do this and we specifically told that signing up on the forms they were passing around were to take a poll. As soon as the 'polls' were collected we were instantly informed that these were our permanent assignments. We were literally tricked or lied into signing up without time to consider the changes to our work situations, etc.
    Many of us have had to change our work schedules several times in the past six months because of class time changes without reasonable notice such as the fiasco this week. We've had to take large amounts of time from work to meet arbitrary time lines made up by the new Nursing Director.
    The out of pocket expenses they don't mention have racked up to be over $600 in 8 weeks.
    They made several mistakes and this current one regarding miscalculated hours required by the board for licensing and taking NCLEX IS UNEXCUSABLE. What is really UNACCEPTABLE is holding us accountable for it and jeopardizing our employment, health and grades with even less time for sleep, healthy meals and proper study time.
    I'm not sure what recourse I have but I will seek all means at this point. :angryfire
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    I know this is an older post but i just want to ask how harder is the entrance exam at marian college?

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