Any experience with "SIERRA ALLIED HEALTH ACADEMY lpn school.

  1. Anyone has any good or bad experience with "SIERRA ALLIED HEALTH ACADEMY It's an LPN school in NJ?
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  3. by   Uwabodo
    Sierra at $xxxx/month had better be a good school, compared to the traditional school, it has 0 waiting list, and the entrance exam is easy enough. It has open doors for a lot of CNAs that never thought they'd make it back to school. Not sure of the quality of education you get from the school, but if it helps people better their lifes, it's all good, At the end of the day, I don't think any school is better than the other, Passing the NCLEX is what they all aim for.
  4. by   kwanee
    thanks for replying to my inquiry.
  5. by   S00N2BLPN
    Did anyone begin taking classes there because I will be applying to that school but I would like more insight on the program
  6. by   yesIcann
    I am looking at that school too. Has anyone taking classes from there?
  7. by   yoma26
    Hi yesIcann when will you be attending sierra in january