What's the difference of LPNs in BC, Canada and USA?

  1. Hi I'm a new fulltime fullscope LPN here in BC, Canada and found it we don't get any help from RCA-resident care attendant (the same as CNA in USA) while RNs have 1-2 RCAs. LPNs here have 6 pts in day shft (7a-3p) and 8 pts in 3p-11p shift...we give meds, do the pt's care, distribute/collect trays, taking Dr's orders, etc. While RNs have 11-14 pts with 1-2 RCAs help. LPNs taking care of stabled pts only while RNs those pts who are in need much attention (critical). I'm working in TCU-Transitional Care Unit where pts already don't qualified to be in acute care and they're waiting for their placement in facilities or going back to their homes. We don't do IV theraphy (we have IV Theraphy Nurse), RNs will administer and take pts with IVs, antibiotic or other meds in IVs, we don't draw blood RNs do.
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