What should I do from here? LVN? LVN-RN? CNA?

  1. 0 Hello. I am unsure about what to do next. I have an LVN and it's expiring. I've been applying to jobs online but it hasn't led to a job. I also have sent my applications by dropping them off at small convalescent homes...which hasn't led to job either. I have tried Home Health but those jobs require that I drive far from where I live...

    So since I haven't found a job I've been trying to get into a bridge program for the registered nursing program at a local college. However I took the TEAs test twice and I received a 52% and a 53%.

    Do you have any tips on what I should do? I'm thinking of taking the TEAS for a third time...However I haven't been in contact with the nursing department in a while..Any tips on getting a job? Passing the TEAs? Or just getting my life together? THANKS!
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    All I can do is let you know what I would do in this situation. I would renew the LVN, continue trying to do better on the test, and keep looking for work as an LVN. I'm not a very spiritual person, in fact, I'm barely spiritual. But I think the 'things have a way of working out' advice is usually good for anyone. Good luck! Let us know when you get hired, and when you start the bridge program to become a RN!

    Josef, RN-BC
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    Oh ok thanks.

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