Typical Day/Duties in a Doctor's Office

  1. For all the LPN/LVNs who work in a doctor's office, could you tell me what your typical day is like and what your responsibilities are? Thank you!
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  3. by   Snow17
    Hi! Im in urology office and we do many procedures. I have my own pt schedule and help the docs with theirs. On my schedule i do all types of injections, catheter changes, irrigations, void and trials (cath removals), ptns treatments, chemo treatments in the bladder and bladder scans. I prep and assist the docs with vasectomys, cystoscopies, urethral dilations, prostate biopsy, stent removals and im sure im forgetting things. Many sterile procedures, i love it. From what ive heard about here in CA, lvns can do alot more in urology than other depts.