Technically waiting to be an LPN, but need a job NOW (CNA job)

  1. I should be able to take my NCLEX as soon as my ATT comes in, but it's taking forever, and I need a job.

    So, I'm trying to apply as a CNA, but I'm not sure what I should put as my college degree on my resume.

    Actually, I'm having a lot of trouble with my resume. Like school experiences.

    I just need help.
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  3. by   baseballerswife
    I graduated Friday (8-3) and accepted a job that same day. I'm also awaiting for my ATT so I can take my NCLEX. When I was talking to my DON about the job I expressed interest in shadowing a CNA to get the feel of things and was put on a rotation with a CNA until I can test. So maybe start putting in applications for a LVN position and say that you would like to shadow a CNA until you test. Good luck!