Question About Pre-Employment Exam

  1. Hey y'all! I'm hoping to get some good input and feedback here. Been an LVN for 4 years, with 3 years working experience- I have been out of the field for the last year following a difficult cross country move.

    I had an interview at a home care agency last week and got the job! Finally, especially considering it's tough to find work in the bay area.

    I had to take 4 tests as part of the application process. I passed all but one, which was a general pediatric quiz with about 30 questions.

    I have to retake this test next week: apparently I *almost* passed it. They didn't tell me what I got wrong so I could study.

    Any bullet point facts I could study/memorize to brush up on this? And specific topics anyone thinks I should hit while studying?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. I remember a few growth and development questions on there I'm fairly certain I got wrong, so I'll probably start there.
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